Once Upon a Time Challenge – Completed

It’s April and time for another challenge!!!!!!
You see I don’t have enough challenges already – LOL – yeah right!

Well it is all Stainless Steel’s fault he has enticed me into his web of fantasy.

Here is the info:

The Once Upon a Time Challenge will take place beginning Thursday, March 22nd (I’m late, per usual) and will end on Midsummer Night’s Eve, June 21st. It is a reading challenge to celebrate spring, the time of rebirth and renewal, by experiencing the type of storytelling that connects us with our past.

Fantasy is a very broad category; one that encompasses so much more than just the standard dragons and elves and goblins stories that stereotype the genre. The elements of Mythology, Folklore, Fairytale, and Fantasy make up a seemingly infinite variety of stories. There is so much to choose from, which is one of the things that excites me about this challenge. The time frame, while picked to celebrate the first day of spring and the magic that is Midsummer’s Night, was also picked so that you, dear readers, would have the opportunity to participate while continuing with whatever other reading you love. And because this is all about participation, I am offering a variety of choices…of quests.

I am going for Quest Two: Read at least one book from each of the four genres of story-Mythology, Folklore, Fairytale, and Fantasy.

My books are:

Mythology all about the gods” – Small Gods by Terry Prachett – Finished reading 25/04/07 – Review is here

Folklore the body of expressive culture, including tales, music, dance, legends, oral history, proverbs, jokes, popular beliefs, customs, and so forth within a particular population comprising the traditions (including oral traditions) of that culture, subculture, or group” – The Ages of Chaos by Marion Zimmer Bradley – maybe a stretch but The Ages of Chaos is an omnibus edition, containing the two Darkover novels that she wrote about early Darkovan history. Finished reading 15/06/07 – Review for Stormqueen is here and for Hawkmistress is here

Fairytale books containing fairies, the fair folk, or have some contact with the realm of Faerie” – The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories by Susanna Clarke – Finished reading 22/04/07 – Review is here

Fantasy Tales with knights, wizards, magical elements, castles, dragons” – The Dragons of Krynn Edited by Margret Weis, Tracy Hickman – Finished reading 16/05/07 – Review is here



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3 responses to “Once Upon a Time Challenge – Completed

  1. Carl V.

    So glad you’re joining in. Look forward to seeing what else you’re going to read. I started reading Ladies of Grace Adieu over the weekend and have enjoyed it thus far.

  2. Chris

    Ladies of Grace Adieu is wonderful! Clarke’s writing is incredible and Vess’ illustrations blow me away. Enjoy!

  3. naridu

    Hey 🙂 I’ve been considering <>Small Gods<>, I’ll have to watch your page and see how you find it. <>The Ladies of Grace Adieu<> also looks good….oh there are just too many good books out there.

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