The Something About Me Challenge – Completed

This is a different challenge it is run by “Breaking the Fourth Wall” and is called The Something About Me Challenge.

Starts August 1st and goes to November 31st

We are to nominate up to 5 books that will “represent” who we are as a person outside the blogging world. The characters could do your career, your hobbies, live your life….or the setting could be where you live, etc.

So I will nominate up to 5 books that represent me (fiction or non-fiction)….then each reader will choose a list they want to read out of all the books nominated. They won’t read collectively as a group, I will make my own list…

My list of books that represent me for people to pick from:

So many Books, So little Time by Sara Nelson – this describes my first reading challenge – to read 52 books from my TBR pile – trouble is – as I read – more get added – I have so many books and so little time 🙂

Grumpy Old Women by Judith Holder (Non-Fiction)- I have got to the age where I can be a grumpy old woman – and get away with it – it is expected of me. “Grumpy Old Women”” gives us the female take on the million irritations of today’s world. Body image, visitors, children, animals, shopping, careers, parties, holidays – and yes, grumpy old men themselves – all are very much on the list of what today’s mature woman finds a source of concern.

Hazel’s Journey by Sue Pieters-Hawke (Non-Fiction) – The ex-wife of a past Australian Prime Minister. Hazel has always been well respected and much admired. She went through her husband’s desertion and remarriage with dignity. She is now battling Alzheimer’s, and her daughter has written part of Hazel’s story down this degenerative road. I am picking this because it is something that faces all of us as we pass middle age. I am not saying we are all going to end up with Alzheimer’s – but how many of you have forgotten where you put your car keys? The name of that person you went to school with 30 years ago and have just met up the street? Where did you park that car?

My Desert Kingdom by Jill Koolmees (Non-Fiction) – I spent the first 10 years of my life being dragged from country to country by my parents. I do enjoy travel, although only recently started again, and have been to Egypt, which is not Saudi Arabia but pretty close. Saudi Arabia may now have incredibly wealthy people – but they also have incredible poverty. It is good to learn about other cultures. Jill, an Australian, travels there with her husband and lives there for two years. This is the story of the country through her eyes

The Naughtiest Girl in School by Enid Blyton – I went to boarding school, and was a very naughty little girl, I was 10 when I went. Many of my friends would say I have never grown up – so this book is for the child in me. I also want to see how naughty she is – is she as naughty as I was?

The list of books I will actually read for the challenge:

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See (from Juli’s list) Read November
The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis (from booklogged’s list) Read August
So Many Books, So Little Time by Sara Nelson (from vasilly’s list) Read August
Heidi by Johanna Spyri (from Heidijane’s list) Read November
The Naughtiest Girl in School by Enid Blyton (from my list) Read October



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2 responses to “The Something About Me Challenge – Completed

  1. Bonnie Jacobs

    I really want to read <>My Desert Kingdom<> by Jill Koolmees, but I didn’t choose it as one for this challenge because I can’t find a copy. If and when I ever run across it, though, I plan to buy it … if it doesn’t cost too much. It sounds interesting and would fit nicely in the Book around the World category and/or in my book to be titled <>Around the World in 80 Books<>, that I mentioned to you before. I’m glad you are joining us at Book around the World.

  2. Gracie

    Thanks so much for introducing me to So Many Books, So Little Time, which is one of the five Challenge books I selected. I finished it over the weekend (once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down). It’s clear why you selected it: this is a book that appeals to all of us who love books and who are always on the lookout for something good to read, despite full libraries and lists of to-be-read books.I’m glad to have found you through the Something About Me challenge – and glad to have found a satisfying new book.

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