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New Zealand Challenge

In anticipation of a holiday in New Zealand next year – I am doing a personal challenge I am going to read 12 books set in New Zealand – I have a list of books available at my local library and my TBR pile.

(August 2010 – August 2011)

1.  As the earth turns Silver by Alison Wong – L

2.  Genesis by Bernard Beckett – L

3.  In the Shadow of Trees by Elenor Gill – L

4.  Knotted by Michelle Holman – L

5.  TBA

6.  Making Lemonade by Kate Langdon – L

7.  Blind Sight by Maurice Gee – L

8. Cemetery Lake by Paul Cleave – L

9. Amber by Deborah Challinor – L

10. Kiwis might Fly by Polly Evans – TBR

11. Band of Gold by Deborah Challinor – L

12. Isle of tears by Deborah Challinor – L


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